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About Me

Key Skills• Policy Analysis – including applied economic research, forecasting, evidence-based policy, policy development and management, policy evaluation• Economic Analysis – including macroeconomic reviews, sector reviews and regional economic studies, involving both quantitative and qualitative approaches• Public Management / Institutional Development – including institutional development, strategic planning, revenue and charging regimes, public sector reform and restructuring • Project Planning / Benefit-Cost Analysis – including project preparation, project post-evaluation, risk assessment, multi-criteria assessment

I have over 25 years experience in applied economic consulting, public administration and economic research. He has worked in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture (and livestock), regional development, industrial investment, minerals and environmental issues, transport, housing, and health.

In recent years, I have worked as a Senior Economist with the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research and as public servant in NZ for the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC), the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport.

I have also spent seven years on the staff of the Asian Development Bank at its HQ in Manila, working in the Economics and Development Resource Centre, and the Strategy and Development Policy Office. Overcoming ignorance, discrimination and unfairness Contributing Practical policy research, analysis and networking

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