My Biography

Posted September 15, 2020 from Uganda

My Biography


This is how my biography shall read

Axora, son of Kagaga

A woman of stature

Born to nurture


Not a risk did she shun

Not a freak at the biggest fracture

The misstep of love—

That left the tiny infant in her lone care.


To God she gave the glory

Not to fall prey to the stares that said sorry

Instead she doubled her care

To fend for her precious bundle of joy

To cradle for life!


Those cuddles I shall forever cherish

And the strict eye of discipline,

So too, the smiling node of approval;

Not forgetting the wide grin to festival

As we now celebrate the accolades of Axora

The son for the woman of stature

Whose name I’m happy to add to mine!


Axora Kagaga

I shall now be called

In honour of that woman of stature

Who gave her all so that I

The fruit of her love

Could rise to be who I am!


Mother, woman of stature, I salute you!

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Nini Mappo
Sep 15
Sep 15

Hello Kemigisa,
I love your bond with your child, your resilience as a mother, your tenderness, your thankfulness that silenced the self pity. Yes, cuddles are the best! Thank you for sharing the beauty in your life with us.

Sep 15
Sep 15

Thank you Nini! While writing this poem I was thinking of that boy who grows up looking up to their mom, while the dad is absent somewhere! Thanks again for your wonderful comments

Sep 15
Sep 15

Kemigisa Hi :) How are you? I like how you put you're biography on a powerful poem. You have vividly wrote a very loving and caring woman you are. Thank you for sharing, you are a Mother, a woman of stature...

Sep 15
Sep 15

Thank you Maeann, your comments give me motivation to keep writing poems to express my feelings and views! Stay blessed

Hello, Kemigisa,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How have you been? This is such a lovely poem. What does Axora Kagaga mean? I love this description, dear,
"A woman of stature
Born to nurture"
We salute you, too! Please continue to write your stories here. We love to know more about you!

Sabiha Hasan
Sep 29
Sep 29