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About Me

I am dedicated to being a catalyst of the evolution of the heart and peace on a planetary scale.I have studied , contributed to,developed many fields and traveled the world to sacred sites and researched ancient practices and learned that we are far more than we have been led to believe in our infinite connectivity, innate wisdom and power of the deep heart.
I have had the opportunity to initiate and collaborate with many peace projects,leaders,shamans,Nobel Peace nominee,and networks for this great shift that we all are a part of. Am founder of The Evolutionary Heart,an Emissary for The Resonance Project Foundation/ Unification Physics,International Peace Ambassador,Somatic Visionary,Female Visionary Author,licensed HeartMath Coach/Global Coherence Initiative,certified Art and Movement Therapist,Psychophysical Re-education Master teacher,global speaker, award winning artist,a poet, dancer and play the cello. Throughout all of this,I have come to know that we are now at a vibrational window to Awaken the Encoded Union, Cosmology/Biology Resonance and Deepest Truth of who we really are,the empowered link in the Continuum of life. We have the power, connectivity and the Universal support to thrive and make a huge difference in our selves,communities and world through the Infinite Fractals and gateway of our hearts.We are all visionaries and all needed.Let us together create Waves!