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Posted November 4, 2020 from Nigeria
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I am an entrepreneur based in Makurdi Benue state of Nigeria, I moved here from Cameroon after experience the currently ongoing massacre for about 4 years and the destructions of lives and property.

I moved here in hopes to pick up the pieces of my broken venture to start up again but as I got to Nigeria which happens to be my second country, we were hit by the pandemic that also crumbled my little business and just when I was also trying to gather the bits left to start up again, the protest #Endsars started which later turned bloody also taking me back to zero and in so much debts

Currently I am struggling to raise funds to start up again and am looking for covid 19 grants or people of good will that could help make some donation so I could start again and also pay off debts encured due to all these happenings. 

We intend to start fish/rice farming and this has the ability to employ close to 100 persons based on the scale we looking at.

This will help solve the hunger and unemployment problems in our community as we intend to also teach many how to start a life though Agriculture and other mediums.

We hope to get grants/support from good will people to help us execute our project which is totaled at $5000.

Thank you all for the assistance and remain blessed.

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Jill Langhus
Nov 06, 2020
Nov 06, 2020

Hi Kennybrown,

Thanks for sharing your update. I hope you get the funding that you're seeking to start your business. I'm looking forward to hearing more about why you're passionate about fish/rice farming and empowering people to do it, too. Good luck!

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 08, 2020
Nov 08, 2020

Hello Kenny,
I wish you all the best with the start up of this business, which will bring both work and food to people. Perhaps posting this call for funding under the catgory of Needs and Offers might bring some response.

Dec 16, 2020
Dec 16, 2020

Dear Kenny,
I can only offer my meager resource, which is encouragement. I know this is a mountain you are facing. Break it down into small steps to execute. Sometimes the huge picture is too massive to execute at once, and not even possible. Everyone needs resources today. If you are seeking loans, all lenders want return on investment (ROI). If you want charity, they must see proof of viability and benefit for the greater good.
I suggest that you apply to Kiva.org under Kiva.org/borrow. Apply as a microfinance borrower. Kiva will post your project and micro-financers lend toward the project forming a lending team. Kiva might do a 30 day to 90 day post to collect funds. It is a loan, with no interest. There is a field partner assigned by Kiva that distributes the funds and collects repayments according to an established timeframe and amount. Look into it. Kiva has success and accountability. I have monitored microfinance lending teams on Kiva. Most teams have 100% return of investment, and borrowers have done a second and third loan as a result of their growth.
If you go with Kiva make sure your post picture is very good. That's how lenders shop borrowers.
Sisterly hug...JoMarie