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About Me

I come from a humble background. Grew up in a family of 8 where boys were valued more than girls. I got a regular education and never got to join University or college to completion owing to funds. This did not stop me from being my own woman. I am strong, have a character that has integrity at its core. Today, my character has rendered me jobless, which I have been for the past 2 years. Housed by a couple who are my friends, I have learnt humility but most of all, that endurance and fighting for change in my country is important. I believe that when you feed a woman you feed a nation. And when you educate a woman, there are no borders for generations to come. I believe in women being leaders as corruption would be curbed. I believe women as the heads will ensure that we emerge into what we were meant to be; a strong country and continent with people and mannerisms to be emulated. I will leave earth knowing that my future generations are taken care of in regards to what to expect and what natural resources we already have. We shall be a voice to be reckoned with. My country, tourism and travel and human rights especially those of children and women In a male dominated society not easy Worked in the Tours and Travel industry

My Vision

Space for all to grow and for women to bring forth what and who they are without critism