No Words to Say (poem)

Keshabi Joshi
Posted September 4, 2020 from Nepal

No Words to Say

I am not well, you know that

I am not able to chat, you know that

I am in pain, you know that

I watch you walk away from me

And my eyes are full of tears

Then tears start to fall

When you are Unruffled and Quit

I am laying and waiting for compassion

But you just watch me as overlook

I ask myself a million times

What’s wrong? For my side

How did we mislay it all?

I am nor fuming neither worry

Because my god with me

God never left me alone

Don’t forget,

Time and Situation are changeable

This is sympathy, not warning

Just call me as a human

 if you will fell ailing

I will be there without any qualm

This the first time

I have no words

that I could say to you I……….. ..........

By Keshabi joshi


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Hello, Keshabi dear,

Thanks for sharing this painful poem with us. Is this based from a personal event? A heartbreak perhaps? Hugs, dear. You deserve much love. Please post more. :)

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 04
Sep 04

Thanks dear for your encouragement. Ya, that was the reall event occured in my life when i was student and far from my parents.
When something happened on me...then I express those thoughts through the poem.

That must be very painful, but I commend you that you used the arts to help you express what you feel inside. I hope it's a healing experience for you.

Tamarack Verrall
Sep 04
Sep 04

People can be so disappointing, heartbreaking, even as we continue to love and generosity. In the many ways we have faith in something larger than us in these moments, we find our own strength. Your having no more words seems to me a turning point, of taking your love and energy back for yourself. So healing to stop trying to change someone who does not change, and pull our energy back for ourselves and others on the same path.

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 05
Sep 05

Thanks dear verrall. are right. We can't change any one.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing.