I am not blaming YOU

Keshabi Joshi
Posted September 7, 2020 from Nepal

I am not blaming YOU

Keshabi Joshi

No, not at all, trying to compare you

Where r u ?, And where am I?

You are welcome to be born

Society is in a hurry to welcome you

The days of social disintegration are numbered.

On the day you are named, society surrounds you!

What about me

Disgraceful from birth

Including the birth mother

She becomes shamefulness

Because of me

When another idol of one's own is born

Mother mourns

Society calms down,

Father doesn't have to borrow money,

Even on the day, I get the name, I am alone!

When you are born

You celebrate your birth

Mother also gets to eat sweets and blessings

By birth, you are claimed as,

Guardian of parents' property

You are called the protector of the clan.

And what about me

I'll be going to someone else's house

I will wear a garland of other’s caste.

No, I'm not trying to blame you

In this discrimination done by society

What's wrong with you?

But, you also have that

You will assistance about the

Sister’s and daughter’s right

But, you will set the boundaries for the wife and daughter-in-law.

You will decide

Her work

The way she walks

The friends she made

The words she speaks

The clothes she wears

And, if she really doesn't

You will say divorce

And, again, society will rejoice in the feast.

You will have another girl

You will be in fun, and, I will be in mourning!!

No, not at all, trying to leave your subordination

You are the protector of property, the protector of the clan

For clan defense

I put my life on the line

For the happiness of the family

I bet on life

But, to my own children

 I can’t prove that they are my child

Because I can't give them the surname

I don't have the cast name of my own

Before married, I used to father’s surname

After married yours!

I don't have a house of my own

Birth house is father’s

And, married home is yours!

No, not at all, trying to oppose you

If you didn't give a sperm

My field was barren

Without your help

My turf is incomplete

It is concerned about thinking  

You think you are caretaker of me

Your family has come to eat

And, given by my parents

You think you brought me

And, Society behaves as an intellectual dealing living thing.


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Milipa Thapa
Sep 07
Sep 07

Beautiful poem, Keshabi. You, I, and every one of us can stand for each other and we can make this society a beautiful place to live in. FIGHTING!
Much love and hugs.
Stay Safe!

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 07
Sep 07

Thanks dear Milipa for your comment.

Tamarack Verrall
Sep 08
Sep 08

Dear Keshabi,
There is such courage and critical detail in your calling out the many ways that women and girls are disrespected. We are told that these customs have always been this way, but it is made up and passed on generation to generation. Women looking back have found societies in which women were revered. Your poem is powerful and cuts through the injustices with the voice of a strong woman making right the wrong.

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 08
Sep 08

Thanks dear verrall for your comment and encouragement. I just try to show the reality thay how women are behaved.

Hello, Keshabi,

What a powerful voice you have. No word is wasted on this piece, and it speaks the truth of millions of girls. Thank you for speaking up using the art of poetry. Let these words be heard! Keep writing, dear.

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 08
Sep 08

Thanks dear Axalan for sweet comment.

You're welcome, dear.

Nini Mappo
Sep 08
Sep 08

Hello Keshabi,
Your poem is an example of how when you stop blaming yourself, you begin to change what you might have blamed yourself about, because your voice is that change. Thank you for sharing this voice with us, a voice that is full of wisdom on life and compassion for self.

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 08
Sep 08

Thanks dear Mappo for sweet comment.