It is mysterious

Keshabi Joshi
Posted September 21, 2020 from Nepal

Dear sisters. I am so glad to share such a poem with you. This is the reality of my villagers whoever asked about the COVID 19 to everybody. but they did not get a satisfactory answer.  There is a horror false assumption around them. I composed this poem during the interaction program. I chose very simple words and language because I read this poem in that program and think the poem should be simple for simple people...

 Thanks, world plus for providing such a platform to share our feelings all around the world.

It is mysterious

Keshabi Joshi

Corona came from china

Everyone listened

He is traveling around the world

Everyone overheard

But, no one saw him

His color, shape, and form

Only the lab tester saw his appearance

And now we can guess his photos

So, it is mysterious

Some say he feasts through air

Everyone covers their face.

Some say he spreads through touched

Everyone use sanitizer  

Some say he comes through vegetables and meets

Everyone sabbatical to buy

Some say he comes through milk, water, and meals

Everyone boil them  

But, all are speculation 

No one can say precisely what the cause behind its spreads

So, it is mysterious.

His natal is mysterious

Some say he came from the bird

Some say he came from seafood

Some say he moved from the flesh of the wild

Some say it was born for biological weapons

There is a slip-up in his birth history

 But, it is mysterious

It is panic

It is really pandemic for the world

No matter, how many lives were taken?

He is never satisfied

He does not know how to discriminate

Who is reached or who is poor

Men or women

Children or grand

So, it is mysterious.


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Hello, Keshabi,

You are able to describe what coronavirus is. It's interesting that you use the pronoun "he" meaning the virus is a man. It's like a double-edge sword kind of poetry. Thanks for sharing, dear. Please stay safe always!

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 21
Sep 21

Dear, Karen,
Thanks for comments. I use the pronoun "he" ironically in the poem. "Corona is more powerful then then the man" one of the Femal writer said in the program, I like it and use. Ya, it carries the double edge sword meaning but I hope it is not bad to use.

You're welcome! It's all right, dear. No, not bad at all. That is your right as the writer/creator/artist. I'm just impressed with your play of words. Please keep on writing!

Nini Mappo
Sep 22
Sep 22

Hello Keshabi,
It's a great idea to teach through poetry. I really laughed at "there is a slip-up in his birth story". Poor corona lol. But it's true, too much speculation fear. It is good that they now have a bit of info to hopefully dispel some of their fears.
Good on you ;)

Keshabi Joshi
Sep 23
Sep 23

Thanks Nini, Some other people also commented as you whine I performing this poem. It is really mysterious while we search deeply about Corona.