About Your Initiative

The most common question asked by young people most especially young women and girls is how do I have timely and easy access to Information and opportunities about Education, Job opportunity, Agriculture and Health?  The common answer is simple “Digital Empowerment”. How can girls ensure that? #DigitalBalance4Better a campaign by Girls Education Mission International (GEM) seeks to enhance awareness, mobilize broad support and provide practical digital literacy as essential tool for further learning, empowerment and civic engagement among young women. The tittle of the initiative is purposely a hashtag to maximize the vitality of the awareness raising campaign.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) had much promises as empowering tools for young people. Unfortunately, there is a distinct gender gap in the use of technology. Recently World Pulse reveals that there are 200 million fewer women than men who can access the internet. Globally, women are 25% less likely than men to have digital skills” keeping young women systematically underserved.


One way of addressing this concern is increasing digital literacy, curating digital content that helps sustain women and girls’ interest in digital literacy, STEM, investing in economic empowerment, and creating social networks where young women and girls can feel safe and supported online. The goal is to increase girls’ ability to safely navigate the digital tools in the world we live.

#DigitalBalance4Better is designed to:

  1. Combine a focus on digital education and literacy to help equip girls to participate in the digital economy and access higher-paid jobs.
  2. Empower girls with technology tools and resources to solve related issues affecting them.
  3. Providing foundation and transferable skills girls need to develop themselves personally and professionally.
  4. Promotes innovation, creativity and livelihood for girls.


#DigitalBalance4Better goals are:

  1. To train 370 Nigerian girls ages 10-25 annually on variety technology skills including, productivity tools, web design and other digital skills.
  2. Provide mentorship through linkages and referrals for women to a safe and comfortable space to globally grow their voice, networks and connections using World Pulse tools including incorporating the World Pulse digital empowering contents into the existing digital program of GEM.
  3. To advocate, raise awareness and create space for scaling up successful policies and programs on access to technology tools and resources for women and girls.



Who is being impacted by my initiative?

Young women and girls ages 10-25.

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