Keturah's 32 Bithday's wish

Keturah Shammah
Posted September 11, 2016 from Nigeria

My birthday’s coming up on 25th September and I’m donating it to Girls Education Mission International (GEM INT'L)! GEM envisions a world where every child (including the girl-child) can go to school. This same aspiration is alive in each of us. We all want equal chances for everyone, particularly education. Getting an education gives each individual the chance to reach potential and become whoever he/she wants to be. Unfortunately to over 62 million girls, these chances are not there. In Nigeria, right now while children are resuming to school, there are much number of girls who have no hope of going back to school as a result of the worst economic recession that has ravaged the country and resulting to the widespread poverty and extreme hunger, kidnappings, killings in rural communities and other unimaginable circumstances. This reminds us that getting an education is still a difficult thing among girls in Nigeria. And imagine if you were among them. is a project of Girls Education Mission International to sponsor the education of 10 school girls in Nigeria who are at risk of dropping out. These girls will be provided with one year full scholarship including: Tuition and exam fee, Books, Mathset, Uniforms, Shoes, Bags, Socks, Sanitary pads and other education related cost. To celebrate my success, having graduated with a barchelor degree against overwhelming odds, I am marking my birthday raising funds to ensure girls who are at-risk of dropping out not only get back to school, but stay and succeed in school and beyond. My birthday's wish as I turn 32 on September 25th, 2016 is to have 32 individuals who will help me raise $3200 to make a difference in the lives of deserving girls by making a donation to my Birthday Project Page between 19th-25th September 2016. If you are interested in becoming one of the first 32 donors to raise $3200 for my 32 birthday, you can make your saved and secured donations between 19th-25th September through this link .Donations can be made from every part of the world using Debit card, Credit card and Paypal. REASON WHY YOU SHOULD DONATE First, your Donation will prevent a girl from dropping out of school. Second, Girls Education Mission International must raise $5000 from 40 Donors whithin 12 days i.e between 19-30th September in order to earn a permanent spot on the globalgiving platform which is neccessary. As GEM Executive Director, my target goal for my 32 birthday is to raise $3200 by September 25th (my birthday). Your donation will enable GEM secure permanent partnership with globalgiving. All funds raised will directly sponsor the education of 10 Nigerian girls who find it difficult to go to school. Even better, every donation made will be accounted for, progress reports will be sent to every donor regularly and every donor will be awarded a donor recognition certificate by the end of the year. Let's make my birthday an occasion to support a great cause by being the first 32 persons to donate for my 32 birthday. Thank you very much and please invite your friend ,send this event page to anyone you think might be interested in donating! I need your support to enable me have my Birthday's wish of getting 32 donors fulfilled and my goal of raising $3200 reached. Thanks and warm regards, Keturah Shammah

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