HOPE: My New Year's most glorious light

Keturah Shammah
Posted January 5, 2017 from Nigeria

Happy New Year and hope you had a fantastic festive period. I also hope you are having a great start to 2017! As we kick off the new year, I look forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer. The prospect of a new year always brings about chance for a new beginnings and 2017 is not exception.

At the beginning of each year I set resolutions on the coming year – as do many out there. However, in the spirit of the New Year 2017, I try to be clear and transparent – which means having a look at how things actually turned out compared to my hopes and dreams in 2016.! As for me, there is no better way to get into the year than to plant the seed of HOPE to continue what I started in 2016. As far I am concerned what keeps the world going is hope! Even thou a hard ass year, it was a year of learning and tremendous achievements, not only because I attracted multiple global and local awards than ever before, I had the privilege to champion the cause I am passionate about through (Girls Education). Amidst national economic meltdown in Nigeria, it became possible that Isupported over 1000 Girls and their households with quality package of livelihood; Scholarship; sanitary pads; Literacy and Vocational training; Entrepreneurship and mentoring

Highlighting my success in 2017, and for my added credibility, reflecting my hard work, perseverance, and tremendous accomplishment and continued future success,I have earned recognition both on the local and international scenes for my contribution to life and service to humanity. These includes: GreatnonprofitsTop-rated Award; YALIC hange Ambassador for Peace and Humanity; Women4Africa International Humanitarian of the year finalist; Lifteffects Star Award; True African Heritage Awards Nominee-TAHA Ambassador; International Achievers Awards- Female Role Model nominee; Privilege Foundation Nigeria- Outstanding Young Person Award; Extraordinary African Woman Achiever (EAWA) Awards nominee’.my policy making effort is reflected in my contribution to the Nigeria 2016 Budget, 2017-2019 MTEFF and the 2017 Budget Proposals which I was engaged in representing my organization - Girls Education Mission International.

Even thou, 2016 has been a year to test to my commitment to the destination of my Vision with the journey far from smooth. Ability to meet members expectations has been almost impossible to do consistently, but at the same time maintaining conviction in positions has been just as challenging. For example, there was a time when poverty threatened to challenge my vision for girls. During the course of the year, my organization suffered inadequate and unsustainable financial resource base that led to inability inadequate office space and inability to meet members expectations as expected. I almost deflated to loose every passion and zeal to go on. I paused for a while to think of it. However, the determination and zeal of the girls having had to be committed to their education despite inadequate funds to support them is the inspiration that made me to be more determined to succeed and make more impact in my community. Knowing quite well that my vision is not discovered or created, but revealed. My vision for girls is captivating, not optional, that I cannot get it out of mind.YOUR vision! No better way to walk away from 2016 and march into 2017 than to let go of disappointments, failures and regrets, and smiling into the New Year with gratitude and taking with us the overwhelming experiences and lessons learned from working with girls.

It is with a great optimism and enthusiasm that I swing into the new year with a hope than ever before. Because the world is continually evolving, I cannot afford to be stagnant because there are far better things ahead than any I leave behind. Whatever I do in 2017, I resolve to make it a year I will quit wishing and start implementing with hope for more better days ahead!. I hope to seek capacity building skills to help me expand my coast and think more broadly about the work I do. I hope to be very strategic in accessing opportunities this new year. even with limited resources I hope to be the very best in all I do in 2017. I will thrive to serve girls in the best possible I can and continue to make profound difference in their lives than ever before.

Reflecting upon my 2017 strategy to impact and transform more lives through Girls Education Mission International, may I strongly believe in havingbig plans, but it's even greater to be realistic about capacity and resource. Even with the limited resources, through various practical interventions, I was able to support over 500 girls in the year 2017. I started small in 2016, this new year I am dreaming big with hope to keep growing consistently!

My vision at Girls Education Mission International is a "world where girls live their God ordained life and dream". My mission is to build a "strong generation of women with Vision and Integrity capable of leading strong empowered and productive lives".

This story was submitted in response to New Year, New Beginning.

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Jan 05, 2017
Jan 05, 2017

Dear Keturah, Thank you for writing your story! I have read it this evening. You are very ambitious and I admire your goals. Be careful not to wear yourself out! You can become very tired. But I see you have a lot of energy and plans. I believe that 2017 will be another good year for you, with many goals accomplished. You are right to forget the past, and build on each day and each month, to help as many as you can. I will be thinking of you!

Jan 06, 2017
Jan 06, 2017

Dear Keturah,

Thank you for writing and sharing your photos, hope and vision for the year ahead.  I've had a chance to read more about your story and work and I am  so moved by your vision and obvious incredible hard work.  I believe you are right, this is the perfect time to let go of any disappointments from the past year and do not let them weigh you down.  I admire your energy and hopeful optimism and wish you much success and continued impact in your community.



chris sibugon
Jun 19, 2017
Jun 19, 2017

Hello Keturah! I love the optimism.It's very uplifting to hear about your goals for the year. Im looking forward to hearing how big 2017 was (in 2018!)

Cheering for you, Chris