Helping women grow their voices, connections and impacts

Keturah Shammah
Posted May 12, 2019 from Nigeria

In honor of the Girls in ICT day, World Pulse Ambassador Keturah Shammah from Nigeria hosted 12 women for a technology workshop known as the Living Room session to help the women learn about World Pulse, Explore Digital resources and learn to grow their Voices, Connections and impImp by joining World Pulse. The event was a small group participation for the women to learn in a familiar and condusive environment. By the end of the session 5 wome instatinstantly have joined World Pulse. It was really a greatest opportunity for the women to have learnt about World Puse which before the event , it remains a novice to them! Among other activities of the day were, a viewing of World Pulse documentary, followed by a presentation of what WorldPulse is about and it benefits to women. As at the time of writing this report, those who signed up on World Pulse have since taken the bold step  to post their stories and have established connections as well. Among them, some have indicated an interest to engage in training their friends and neighbors as well as family members. 


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Jill Langhus
May 13
May 13

Hello Dear Keturah,

What a great update! Great job!!! I love your photos, too:-)

Hope you're having a great day!

Corine Milano
May 13
May 13

Keturah, this is so lovely! Thank you for sharing about your event—and for hosting it! I am very eager to meet the women who have joined and I love seeing the photos you have shared. It sounds like your event was well attended, well received, and well organized! Proud of you. And excited to see more stories coming out of Nigeria thanks to your efforts!

Sis. Salifu
May 13
May 13

Its amazing! We have to keep the fire burning so we do not forget our skills in ICT. Thanks for sharing

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