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Posted April 11, 2021 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

When we say a man, we understand the head of the family,the lion,the king,and the leader of the family.he is the one who is in charge of the family and make sure to provide all the basic needs of the family


And when we say woman, we understand the heart of the family,Queen,the supporter of the family,she is the teacher of the children,the one who teaches them value and guide them with the help of the man.she is the motivator of the man who stands by his side no matter the situation

Women are too emotional and most of their decisions based on emotions and feelings while men are too much into facts and take decision based on that.

And we should understand that either men or women alone can't make the future bright.

*My Question is*

Is it true that they will be equal in gender equality?

Men 50 percent and women 50 percent?

I'm not against gender equality,what I'm saying is the future for all of us together as partners not for one gender

I wish you could tell me what you think and let share ideas

Stay blessed


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Nini Mappo
Apr 11
Apr 11

Hello Keza,
The question you pose made me laugh. Like, "is this for real or is fighting for gender equality just chasing an illusion?"
Since you ask for what I think, I think that as far as economic 'gender' aspect of gender equality goes, it can only be achieved if men could get pregnant and breastfeed. There are gender roles that can never make us equal, ever because of our biology. Like women preferring more nurturing jobs or men those that involve more physical risks.
But the point of the gender equality movement is that things have been pretty dismal for women, and men set all the rules, favoring themselves and without consulting women and what might work best for them. We have seen great changes that have empowered women out of the shadows/background into the forefront and the decision making table.
Personally I don't think we'll ever reach gender equality. I think there is a reason why men and women gravitate towards different things, and it is good for the society, it is good for the children for those who are in a family. But I believe that women can be more and do more when availed more resources. The gender equality movement says that women have been put in boxes by men for too long. It is time to unbox them. After that, each woman can choose their own boxes if they want to be in any, without these being assigned by men.
I like to think about the words of Jesus: "The greatest among you has to be a servant". Whether men or women, we must be driven to serving each other, and not what will serve us best. And we can create that in our homes and sow those seeds in our community, for men and women.
So we still have work to do. Things could be so much better, and we have to keep pointing out the errors of how the society is structured at present.
Would you agree? Interesting point you raise. You got me thinking ;)

Apr 11
Apr 11

Hello NiNi
Thank you so much for your comments and strong ideas you share to us.
I like it and I wish many people can know truth about it