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About Me

I am a youth activist and social entrepreneur from Balochistan province of Pakistan. Coming from tribal communities but having been provided all the freedom that none of the girls in my community ever got I had decided long ago when I was sixteen years old to stand up for the rights of youth and women to enable them a voice of their own. Since then I have been engaged in Youth and Women Rights Activism and Growing Women Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Pakistan.

Currently at Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI) I am focused on advocacy, awareness raising, campaigning and capacity building on the rights of women in tribal communities, especially to fight the custom of honor killing. I have been part of campaigns like Oxfams WE CAN end honor killing campaign as well as WAKE UP Campaign against honor killing.

Currently my role is divided as following:

-Programs Manager at Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI)
-Presenter at Al Gore's The Climate Project (TCP)
-Adviser at UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel Pakistan
-Facilitator in Oxfam International Youth Partnership

Awards and Fellowships:

-Unseasonable Fellow at the Unreasonable Institute
-Fellow at YouthActionNet IYF
-Fellow at Paragon100 FYSE
-Action Partner at Oxfam International Youth Partnership
-Change Maker WE CAN end honor killing campaign

To know more about me, ready my blog:
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My Vision

Seeing a society where women are not killed for honor but are honored and given equal status