Salma Kilio Dhliwayo

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About Me

Hi everyone

A lot has happened since i first joined and i feel very excited about getting to interact with all of you this year. Unleashing great potential has been my motto since 2011 and i'm loving how my dream; to see women in my country at the forefront of economic and social transfomation is coming to fruition.

My voice is conduit of change. Women are part of the solution, their voice should echo the song of hope and resonate through the fabric of the foundation of the world. When women are left to shine they are a force to reckon with.

My Vision

Unleash great potential!!!!


Funding for community development projects to increase access to education and training for women in marginalized rural communities


I train women in the following:
1) Entrepreneurship and Business
2) Leadership

Call on me to help where needed.


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