World pulse spirit award

Kimun Dago
Posted January 4, 2021 from Nigeria

It's with great delight that i nominate Keturah Shammah  for the world pulse spirit award.

She is an influencer, motivator and a model.

My encounter with her at Girls Education mission international at the course of my internship, is an impactful one. Through her i was able to know about World pulse.

She transformed my mindset about so many things. She inspires me to harness my potentials in other to affect the world with greatness and positivity.

She keeps building and supporting  the Girl child with quality education and Technological advancement.

She is passionate about the total wellbeing of the Girl child through her diverse platforms such as;Girl education now or never, Teachers training and Menstral health.

I greatly cheerish and celebrate  all you do for humanity!

You derserve this and many more!!!

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Jill Langhus
Jan 04
Jan 04

Hello Kimun,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thanks for sharing lovely nomination for Keturah!

I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you to learn what you're passionate about.

Hope you have a great week!

Hello, Kimun,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm happy that a new voice from Nigeria is rising up!

What a selfless way to write your first story by nominating awesome Keturah. Kindly include the link to her profile on your nomination. Thank you and happy new year!

Kimun Dago
Jan 05
Jan 05

Thank you!...looking forward to a most rewarding and impactful time here!
I have included the link to my nominees profile as requested

You're welcome. Yes! Looking forward to reading more from you. Keep them coming!

Jan 06
Jan 06

Hello Kimun,
welcome to World Pulse and thank your for nominating Keturah Shammah.
She is indeed a phenomenal woman who is impacting the lives of many young womean in Nigeria.
More power to you and to her. All the best.

Feb 11
Feb 11

Hello dear,
Thank for sharing and hope to read more stories from you.