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About Me

I am a young Canadian woman with dreams of making a difference and improving the rights of women and children. I envision change and I aspire to help the less fortunate by becoming a more active global citizen. As an International Development and Business student at Trent University, I hope to use my education to initiate progress and lead fellow activists. I aspire to work with a non-governmental organization to promote and protect the rights of women. I am most interested in the practice of child marriage, and understanding the reasoning behind a custom so unheard of in the "Western" world. We live in a world of great passion, opportunity, and power, and every individual, regardless of race, age, or sex should be given the chance to achieve their dreams. women and children's rights, networking, reading and writing, volleyball Child Brides, International Development

My Vision

A world free from discrimination and pain. A world where women and children have equal rights. A world of peace and harmony. A world where everybody has the opportunity to change the world!