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About Me

Im a journalist,media strategist,advocacy and communication specialist.I currently work as Creative Director, Health Communication and Development Initiative(HCDI)- an organization that maximizes the power of strategic communication for health promotion and advocacy.Im also the Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief,MANHOOD Magazine-a niched magazine that addresses issues of sexism,masculinity and gender based violence.

Before founding HCDI,I was for over five years, Head of Research and Communication at Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS)Nigeria where I provided leadership in the design of a research-based communication strategy needed to keep HIV/AIDS and TB issues in the news.

Part of my achievements in JAAIDS includes providing inspiration and motivation for a strong and growing network of journalists and media advocates covering HIV/AIDS and TB in Nigeria. In the last eight years,I've led successful media advocacy campaigns that have engendered robust media participation, sustained the tempo and quality of HIV/AIDS, TB and Microbicides reporting and addressed shortcomings in HIV/AIDS response within sub-Saharan Africa.

I've presented papers, reported and written extensively on development/social and public health challenges especially, poverty, gender based violence, sexual exploitation of women and girls, child abuse, HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.

In May 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland,I was admitted as a member of the World Health Editors Network(WHEN) and an associate of the World Health Communications Associates(WHCA).Earlier in 2006,I was honoured with the Ambassador for Peace Award by the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace and the Universal Peace Federation.
Im passionate about children,women-family as well as redemptive and responsible fatherhood.Im emotional about any issue that affect this trio domestic and sexual violence,HIV/AIDS,TB and Finding square pegs in round holes and not being able to reshape the holes or the pegs Im a writer,media,brand and communication specialist.I help individuals and organisation engage and communicate with their most vital audience profitable

My Vision

To use my writings as an instrument for social(and spiritual)re-engineering especially in Nigeria