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About Me

Im a children's life coach, writer, communication and advocacy specialist and social entrepreneur. I studied Mass Communication- specialised in journalism and PR and worked as a reporter/features writer before venturing into development/ public health communication. For over 8 years I worked on various aspect of the HIV/AIDS,TB response in Nigeria and across sub-saharan Africa. I've written and reported extensively on the HIV/AIDS &TB epidemics and spoken at several international meetings drawing attention to disturbing developments in our response to these diseases. Aside working on development and advocating for respect and equal treatment for women and girls,I am also an Interior designer- a hobby I've been able to grow into a successful business with specialisation in space planning, furniture design and sales. Im the founder and advocacy Director of MANHOOD, a male led response to violence against women and children in Nigeria. I strongly believe that one of the sure ways to end violence against women is to re-socialise boys- teaching them to respect and see girls as equals and sensitise fathers to raise 'strong' and confidence girls. To achieve this,we run SEXsense for Boys Clinic; a two-day intense clinic where we discuss girls,sex, masculinity and purpose with boys age 10 to 15. Our Fathers and Daughters Chatroom brings men and fathers who have daughters to address issues ranging from building confidence,self esteem, relationship sex and dating, domestic abuse, violence against women and the need to modelling image of the ideal man to our daughters.

My Vision

I envision a Nigeria where women and girls can dream and watch their dreams materialise without inhibitions placed ion their way by sexism and patriarchy. I also envision an era where fathers would take responsibility for re-socialising our boys and teach them that respect for girls and women is the new definition of masculinity and indeed real men do cry, show emotions and do ask for help.


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