Kiran Fatima Zaidi
Posted October 12, 2021



"If I kill myself today, there shall be no more college tution, shoppings or even marriage to  spend on. There won't be anyone to make me feel that I depend on them and they work harder because of me, or live a life full of issues. Just by ending my life, I would relieve them and me of so much, for I am nothing but a burden."


This is similar to what a girl may think of before she takes her life. This is a thought that may occur to her, on many occasions, until she actually does pick up that sharp tool, or that clinking bottle full of tablets. 


There was a time when they buried the child alive if it was a girl. It seems cruel, to deny someone the right to live. But here's an another perspective. When you kill that child yourself, she doesn't remember it. She doesn't remember that pain. She does not feel the regret, the burden, of being a girl. 


But when she kills herself, even if it takes an hour or so, she knows she is killing herself. She also knows the reason why she is doing it. She is buried in shame, in embarrassment and utter guilt. 


All that misery did not exist when they buried the child. Even if it did, it belonged to them. And it's justice that way. She didn't ask for that life, she didn't choose to be "her". She isn't the burden that you make her feel like, out of her own damn wish! 

This story was submitted in response to Our Bodies, Our Health.

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Oct 13
Oct 13

Thank you Kiran for your story. No child should must be encouraged to enter the decision, ever, that they are a burden in any way. May they always know that they are precious and very much loved and needed in this world. Let's keep on spreading the love. Take care!

Oct 15
Oct 15

We hear your message. It is loud and clear. Life is precious. We should be grateful and gratitude to God bring us to this world though there are challenges, unhappiness, tough time, etc. These are part of the journey. No one has the right to take away someone's life. We should not take our own life away.
Be strong! May Almighty God bless you!