Lots of Thanks to Give!

Posted November 20, 2016 from India

We had our call on November 18, 2016, as scheduled, and it was incredible to have had a chance to meet with Wendy, Kelly and Dafna again. Google+ Hangouts is a really great platform and we had absolutely no hitches whatsoever. We started with a brief recap of all that’s been happening at my end - which really was a bit of a rehash of all the updates that I’ve been sharing on the group, so I won’t trouble you to go through that again here :).

Wendy took me through some amazing updates. She’s been really cool to connect me with some really incredible women and founders of initiatives around the world. Dafna shared a bit about her conversation with two friends and offered to connect me with a lovely person with a really powerful initiative to his credit. Kelly talked about a reference mobile app and also mentioned a really insightful connection she could help me with.

One of the things we talked about was the ways in which we could offer extra value - given that a lot of resources already actually do exist and one simply has to Google them. While the value added already exists in the form of verification of the organizations, we also touched upon themes like decoy app interface / construction, validation through constant and positive messaging (Wendy’s friend had shared some amazing statements to offer in validation). Right now, we’re on track to get the app designed and structured - hopefully, assuming things go well on all fronts, we should have the first scamps of the design ready. We’re looking at wrapping the app up by December 31 and begin testing in January :)

As Thanksgiving rolls in, I am incredibly grateful to WorldPulse, Jensine, Janice, Wendy, Dafna, Kelly, Nancy Harkrider,Tiffany, Stephanie, Maya, Celine, Martha, Olanike, Nakinti and Olutosin for making this such an amazing, empowered journey. PULSE IT UP!

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Nov 21, 2016
Nov 21, 2016

Pulse it up, indeed!!! You have made huge progress and it is so exciting to think that you might be testing the app in January. What a gift this will be to the WP community. Thank you for being such a powerful advocate for women and girls everywhere. 

In sisterhood, Janice