Kirthi Jayakumar
Posted November 30, 2016 from India

In my growing years, my grandfather once taught me a beautiful Sanskrit Verse that translated to mean: "I stand before my teacher and my God. Whose feet should I touch first? I will touch your feet first, my teacher, for it is you who showed me the path to reach God." I've come to understand that a few people on your journey in your life come forth as your support system - a community of unchanging, unwavering support that simply only allows and encourages you to grow and grow. When I joined WorldPulse in 2012, I had already spent a couple of months as a reader on the website, learning about amazing women and their stories. Four years later, WorldPulse has given me the shot at a future that I had only dreamed about: from the Voices of the Future Program where I had the chance to be a leader, to the Story Award Program where my stories were awarded twice under the Voices Rising campaign and then picked up by TIME magazine, to the most spine-tingling moment of it all: The IMPACT LEADER PROGRAM.

With the Impact Leader Program, World Pulse is giving my dream a huge, huge boost! With this powerful network of mentors and this unconditional support, the Gender Based Violence Help Map that I've been aiming to get off the floors now, has now gotten wings. THANK YOU, World Pulse.

Special thanks to Janice Wong, Jensine Larsen, Tiffany Purn, Maya Monoz Tobon, Smeeta Hirani and Stephanie Auxier for being constant sources of support. Tons of gratitude and eagerness for my five sisters, Olanike, Olutosin, Nakinti, Martha and Celine, for being the ones I get to share this journey with.

This week, I got to add to the map with more consulates and organizations across the world's many countries. I've also begun parsing the data so that it can go into the app easily and smoothly.

Meanwhile, I received the Global Peace Prize from the WESchool and the One Life Alliance in Mumbai last week! SO much to be thankful for :)

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Dec 02, 2016
Dec 02, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS! It is so wonderful to see your efforts being acknowledged and recognized so publicly. I hope that the award helps to draw attention to the prevailing issues surrounding GBV and spreads awareness of your help map for those affected by GBV.

Much love, Janice