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Kirthi Jayakumar
Posted December 5, 2016 from India

This has been a very interesting week in Chennai - between the confusion that the demonetization move brought with it and the health of our Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the city has been filled with a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Lots to watch out for on the news in the days to come.

While the app is being designed and structured, I got to parse the data into chunks that make it suitable for the app to access - and here's the cool part - the data is going to sit on our own server on the app, rather than feed into the server of an external database. This week, I added 70 consular establishments to the map and 14 new services to the map in the legal and medical aid provision domain (verified, across the world). I also spoke to 8 women’s colleges across India on the tool to arrange for talks / workshops for women in the next semester (February 2017) following all exams. These 8 colleges are across India and the administrative staff have been very receptive and have agreed to let us hold workshops on using the map / app and to help women understand how the law works . In addition, I got to speak with 27 corporate establishments (inclusive of three different branches of the same office in different cities), to hold workshops on using the map / app and to help women understand how the law works.

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Dec 05, 2016
Dec 05, 2016

I'm tingling with excitement as I think about all of the women and girls around the world who will benefit from this map and app. All of your hard work, time and efforts will literally save lives. Thank you for this amazing gift to the world! xx