Why Feminism?

Posted April 5, 2017 from India

Feminism is equality. Plain and simple.

Why is it called Feminism?

It is called Feminism because women need to be put back in to the equation of equality and restore the balance.

Why should women be put back in the rhetoric?

Well, simply because the structural violence of patriarchy started with the dominance of man over women.

And how will that impact other genders?

When patriarchy subverted equality, the male was dominant, and the female was subjugated. But gender, you see, is fluid. This fluidity allows for one who may identify as male to also identify with certain aspects of female, or, for one born as male to identify as a female. This fluidity was seen as anomalous – for it was not considered “normal” or “acceptable” for the dominant to identify as the subjugated. So – feminising the rhetoric by putting women back into the dialogue will lead to creating an equal space where none is seen as the dominant or the subjugated, and therefore, fluidity will not be an anomaly.

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Apr 06, 2017
Apr 06, 2017

Hi Kirthi. Well said. I think a lot of men are intimidated by feminism because they believe they will be the ones subjugated and/or the like the ways things are already.