The Wind Beneath my Sails

Kirthi Jayakumar
Posted February 10, 2021 from India

Of the many things I am thankful for, World Pulse wears the crown. One of the biggest reasons for this joy I feel today is my time and bond with Keturah Shammah, who I had the privilege to be matched with in a mentorship.

In the short span of time that we worked together, Keturah has fought some really difficult and challenging battles that included major security challenges in Nigeria. When I say that she braved through it all, I don't want to merely reduce the monumental work and effort she put in every day into an oversimplifies equation of courage and bravery, but really strive to appreciate the stellar, living example of resilience that she is. 

Keturah's vision is for her community, her people, and the world that will continue to move on long after us. In this, her dedication to building her legacy is far more than an act of serving: it is THE benchmark of service. 

The past few months of working with Keturah has been a powerful experience: she may be my mentee on paper, but she taught me so much more than I could ever imagine.

Thank you, Keturah. With all my heart.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 10
Feb 10

Hello Kirthi, Love,

You're such a dear. I'm sure Keturah will love your story, and I know how much she looks up to you, too. I'm so glad you were paired with each other and that you both got so much out of it, too. Thanks so much for sharing, dear. XX

Nini Mappo
Feb 10
Feb 10

I Hi Kirthi,
I love how I am getting to know sisters I don't know through other sisters writing about them. It is nice to meet Keturah through your story. Good on you for honoring her so.

Beth Lacey
Feb 12
Feb 12

Kirthi, looking forward to your continued work with World Pulse

Hello, dear Kirthi,

I love words that start with K. I'm biased. So great to know you and Keturah have developed a bond during your mentorship. It's so encouraging to read stories like this. Thank you for sharing with us. Kudos to both of you for being amazing!