Dear Afghan Women

Kit Ying Lau
Posted November 15, 2021 from Hong Kong

Dear Afghan Women,

Living in the world’s safest city, I cannot imagine how you’re facing terror under the rule of the Taliban. When I saw Afghan people crowding on the airplane for escaping from the Taliban, according to the TV news, I was very shocked. Then, what reminded me were women and children in Afghanistan, just like Malala mentioned in her book. I really appreciate your bravery in Afghanistan. 

We, as human beings, always support justice and freedom.

We, as human beings, cannot tolerate such kind of violence.

We, as human beings, stand firmly for women’s rights and human rights.


May God bless you.


Best wishes,

Kit-Ying Lau

This story was submitted in response to Revolutionary Solidarity.

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Beth Lacey
Nov 16
Nov 16

Amen to that. Prayers for all the Afghan women and girls in peril