Centre stage is where we belong

Posted December 26, 2018

Mothers, daughters, sisters, teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, scientists and presidents. Women have achieved vast successes in many aspects of society today while still retaining the core function of a domestic woman. 


Yet many choose to turn a blind eye to the numerous career accomplishments and see women as ‘house wives’. This is nothing new. Since time immemorial woman have been on the forefront of every transformation but are not given the due recognition for their contributions.


The question we ask ourselves is why? Why are a large sector of the human population being denied or disregarded. Gender based violence, inequality in the workplace and under representation in politics are the challenges women are facing which makes it harder for them to ultimately break the glass ceiling. Women’s rights are not seen as human rights which leads to fewer women being educated, maternal health being neglected, and fewer opportunities for employment. While there has been some progress in acknowledging women , these challenges are ongoing with much work still to be done.


Furthermore, organizations like ‘World Pulse’ ensure that women do not go unnoticed. They have created a global initiative to give women everywhere a voice. It is all about an interconnectedness, a sisterhood. We cannot expect anyone to see us as equals if we do not treat each other as equals. Caster Semenya was definitely not treated as an equal when she was discriminated against, by other women. If we want support from anyone else, we have to support each other.


We are the mothers and future mothers of our nation. We all need to come to the realization, not just women – everyone, that it does not matter where we came from, it matters where we’re going. Yes, women were not given equal opportunities but now we have the chance to make the most of what we are given. Take the initiative to look around you and see solutions to our evergrowing problems. Be someone’s rock, encourage the people around you because benevolence is what we need to make a story worth hearing. 



When I was younger my mom would always tell me to act like a lady. And, of course, because she told me to act like a lady I would do the complete opposite. Sometimes I still need a bit of a reminder. Now I realize what a huge honour and responsibility it is to behave like a woman.


Mothers, daughters, sisters, teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, scientists and presidents. Don’t be afraid of the changes women will make, embrace them. Because we are not background characters. Centre stage is where we belong.

This story was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Jill Langhus
Dec 27, 2018
Dec 27, 2018

Hi Kiyara,

Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck with your story submission! You may want to consider submitting a corresponding video for the "A World Free of Violence" video call: https://www.worldpulse.com/en/voices-rising/story-awards/89332.

Dec 27, 2018
Dec 27, 2018
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Dec 27, 2018
Dec 27, 2018

Also, House of assembly is where we belong. Making impactful laws for nations. Thank you very much.

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Indeed centre stage is where we belong. We are the drivers of everything. The world cannot live without us.