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The Adventures of Bessem and Bih

What I'm Leading

Creating awareness on the reproductive health challenges in Cameroon by using animated videos/role plays which expose how different communities, traditions, and religions perceive girls and women’s access to reproductive health and the impact of this perception on girl’s and women’s education, health and future. The campaign aims to use videos/animations and role plays as advocacy and educational tools to raise awareness on some of the issues affecting girls and women in rural communities in Cameroon. Being a woman from the global South and a Media for Development practitioner, I am conscious of the implication of representation and power because I believe that when people represent themselves, they exercise agency. This is why in implementing campaign, I will work with girls and women not just as content producers but also as solution providers

Who I'm Impacting

Young Cameroonian women who can see themselves represented in the educational tools and media around reproductive health.

How to Get Involved


About Me

I am a young Cameroon advocate for girls and women's education and empowerment. I currently work with Girls Excel, an impact organization supporting girls in Cameroon to access sexual and reproductive health education.

My Vision

A world in which lack of access to sexual and reproductive health education is no longer a barrier to girls empowerment.


Girls Excel is a young organization created in 2015 and we still need visibility of our work, technical advice on programs and funding.


I have experience working on projects on women, youth and communication, managing community projects and working with refugees.