Mentrual Hygiene and the Challenges it experiences in Kenya .

Posted May 23, 2021 from Kenya
Period products i.e sanitary towels and tampons

Let's talk about periods. Some may choose to call them monthlies or menstrual cycles.

Over the years, lots of awareness has been done in regards to menstrual education and most importantly, menstrual hygiene in Kenya.

It is a fight that continues to be won albeit slowly as more and more people , both male and female are more and more aware of the importance of menstrual health.

Despite the fact that we continue to champion for the same, there have been challenges that have been faced and experienced in the wake of championing for better menstrual hygiene.

One of the biggest challenges lies in the fact that there's little knowledge that is out there with regards to what menstrual hygiene really is.

While some NGOs have taken it upon themselves  to educate girls and women about menstruation, there is still little knowledge out there  pertaining to issues like period cramps, the period cycle,variety of period products available, preparedness for periods, ovulation and even adverse conditions such as endometriosis.

Over the years, sanitary products especially sanitary towels have  become cheaper and more affordable to most people. However, the problem of poor access to safe and affordable methods and materials  by ladies and girls who live in marginalised areas still lingers.

Lack of access to materials has led to consequences of poor self esteem and infrequent school attendance faced by girls in these areas as they are forced to use unconventional methods such as sitting in the sand until the cycle passes, use of pieces of cloth as pads,etc.

In some communities, these young girls are pushed to early marriages as the onset of periods is used  as a symbol of maturity.

While the Menstrual Health Day approaches,we hope to see better enforcement of policies that  will help us be able to get to levels where sanitary products such as pads and tampons are availed freely not just to the less fortunate, but to every woman regardless of age and social standing.


This story was submitted in response to Menstruation Matters.

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Adriana Leigh G.
May 23
May 23

Hi Konya,

Congratulations on your first post and a warm welcome to the World Pulse community! Thank you for your educational and timely post, I was shocked to learn about the fact that some girls need to sit in the sand until their cycle passes. What I really also learned were the impacts of the lack of educaction and products such as poor self esteem and infrequent school attendance, and early marriage. Keep on writing and sharing, and thank you for raising your voice. Let us celebrate our cycle and kick all shame away!!

Cheers from Montreal!

Hello Konya its really a sad story hearing whats going on in Kenya.
Sister thanks for taking the initiative to share this issue. We will keep on sharing so that one day we will get to stop these challenges.
Thanks for sharing because two heads is better than one.
God bless you sister.
My regard

Beth Lacey
May 24
May 24

This can be solved. But first the culture has to change. Welcome to World Pulse

Susu Mohamed
May 25
May 25

Dear Conyacarol,
welcome to world pulse, If we are women world wide we will overcome it every challenges stands in front of us.

Corine Milano
May 27
May 27

Hi KonyaCarol and welcome to World Pulse - thank you for sharing your thoughts on menstrual hygiene in Kenya.
I love your vision of free period products for all! We're glad you've joined us to speak out in the lead up to Menstrual Hygiene Day.

I'm part of World Pulse's storytelling team, and we'll be sharing your story in an email to the entire community tomorrow to mark the day. Congrats and thanks for raising your voice! We hope to hear more stories from you!


Nini Mappo
May 28
May 28

Dear Carol,
Welcome to World Pulse, and thank you for your educative post that cuts deep into the challenges of bleeding every month. It is good that we are talking about this, because sometimes we just accept problems without looking for solutions, but the losses you list, and many more untouched are not worth it. They take too much from our girls. So we will keep educating, advocating and looking for solutions. And your voice is a powerful toll for that. Thank you for sharing!

Chinyere Kalu
May 29
May 29

Thanks for sharing. I really hope there comes a time when every girl and woman will have access to sanitary pads irrespective of their status in the society.
Well done Sis !

Jul 27
Jul 27

Dear Carol,

How are you today?.

I do agree that more girls need to be educated on period cramps, the period cycle,variety of period products available, preparedness for periods, ovulation and even adverse conditions such as endometriosis.

Thank you for sharing.


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