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About Me

Female by genital Identity but not by 'Gender'. Married but definitely not a 'wife'. Mother by Social Role, but out of Motherhood. Follower of Marxist-Socialist-Feminism. I Have written articles in Tamil on feminism, translated few feminist / Marxist articles in Tamil. Founded MASES - Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism (9.12.2012). Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


MASES believes in an Egalitarian Society. It strives towards egalitarianism by speaking to protect the rights of the excluded, women and children . Our Vision is for an egalitarian Society in which the rights and the needs of the excluded are addressed without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, culture, class, politics, health and education. We believe in formation of a society without division of labour based on private property in attaining Equality.

My Vision

Human Liberation through elimination of Private Property


Economic Power