It was you

Kratika Sharma
Posted September 24, 2016 from India

Women are often victims of emotional dilemmas that rip them and shatter their courage and self respect. Each one of us has sometimes underwent that trauma where the very entity of our soul is crippled because of the infinite emotions and love that woman has to offer, ignoring the heights of misery that some people do to her. But there is need to rise not for others, but for our own triumph.

It was you

Lemme tell you a story, amidst the mountains and the valleys.

The river flew somewhere real down and the snow was mountains’ crown.

But it started in the plains, one crowded corner of a town.

Where we met at work and he said, “I am glad that you came.”

That feeling so new and I wont lie, because it was you, it was you.

But one day things didn’t remain the same,

Before the lil story could start, with one tiny bag, you were ready to depart.

Later we met another time, reaching the falls climbing the pipeline.

Lazy winters and the shinning sun,

Where some days it was chess, other days were the cards,

Counting the pines and hiding in the apple orchards.

That feeling so new and I wont lie, because it was you, it was you.

White flowers, full moon and the carefree nights,

Escapes, drinks and risks all appeared right.

Under the tent was a world so own with bitter truth and sweet lies.

Sometime it was see saw, other days it was the giant wheel ride.

That feeling so new and I wont lie, because it was you, it was you.

Then came a stranger with her beautiful spark,

Took you away and left me in the gloomy wark.

That gloomy feeling so new and I wont lie, because it was you, it was you.

Today it has been an year since we first met.

And you reappear to tell “I am glad you hate me so much.”

But I have neither hatred nor regret.

And trust me it is true,

Because in the entire story, it was just me and no you, no you.

This story was submitted in response to Courageous Conversations.

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Soumya Vilekar
Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016

beautifully and well expressed Kratika! Yes, we need to be stronger when we go through emotional traumas, dilemmas .

Keep sharing your stories

Best wishes

Lana Holmes
Sep 24, 2016
Sep 24, 2016

Enjoyed the story/writing very much Kratika.  Thank you for the courage to write and share with others!

Sep 25, 2016
Sep 25, 2016

This is such a beautifully written post! You perfectly captured how emotional conflicts can often build up inside of us and cause us distress and damage. And we should use the scars from these experiences as signs of strength to move forward in our lives, and to look toward the future.

Kratika Sharma
Sep 26, 2016
Sep 26, 2016

Thank you so much :)

And definitely we need to rise and not cling to the past miseries.