One Night To Bloom A close personal perspective on the pernicious issues that impact institutionalisation of gender violence

Kris Rampersad
Posted March 8, 2021 from Trinidad and Tobago
One Night to Bloom a close look at pernicious elements of institutionalised gender violence, discrimination and other social issues

Happy International Women's Day.

I am sharing my change! I developed a short film of my personal and professional experiences as a woman working across the globe in advancing issues of media freedoms, gender, health, intercultural, international and intergenerational relations.

It is not yet for public viewing as it was particularly developed for Commonwealth Day /IWD with Commonwealth Scholars .... but because the film takes a personal approach to tackle institutional violence, gender and other discrimination and violence I am sharing now..

You can read more about it on my website and pls subscribe to follow as I unfold more of this.

The article on the new release

See video link in the attachment :

...Give feedback...hope it inspires. Cheers.


This story was submitted in response to #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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Kris Rampersad
Mar 08
Mar 08

Happy to receive comments. Pls let me know your impressions, immediate impact on you, observation or any thoughts. Cheers

Jill Langhus
Mar 08
Mar 08

Hi Kris,

How are you? Welcome back and Happy IWD! Thanks for sharing your inspiring video!

For feedback, you may just use your face in the top graphic without the flower. Also, there was a dark image/outline in the first portion of the video that's quite distracting that you may like to remove, otherwise, I thought it was a great way to create a short synopsis of your life's work thus far. On the slide with the 50, you may want to remove the animation from the 0 as it takes away from the professional aspect. Also, the transitions are quite quick. It's a lot to take in and I found the speaking element could be slower, in some spots, so I could take in more. I'm not resonating with the cough animation, but perhaps you could keep it, if it resonates for you. I hope this helps, dear.

Nini Mappo
Mar 09
Mar 09

Dear Kris,
It is impossible to contain a lifetime of life and work as varied as yours in a short six minutes, and I found myself pondering on the mammoth task of choosing what to exclude or include because for a journalist, every story is important.
As Jill said, it is very fast paced and since the audience has no knowledge of any background information about the content, looking in from outside feels intimidating. I wonder if less graphics in some sections can still deliver your intended message. I tried a playback speed of 0.75 and could keep up with the graphics, but the talk speed dragged. It was however perfect for the part where you summarize various titles that describe you.

Also, I thought that your description of yourself as an island, although delectably poetic, might be a little obscure for the common person without an eye for literature. Also, I thought it didn't flow 'organically' into the images of your rich cultural heritage that you share next. Perhaps you could link both with how this asymptomatic, buried identity informs your work, or whether it nurtures resilience/ anchors you through the challenges of your professional exile etc. It is not essential, but I am sharing my first impression as you asked :)

I didn't get the part about killing the world with ideas. Is it the effects of pollution that are killing people and the ideas of change they have? But then how do ideas kill? It is either abstract or too cryptic for me to understand. It sounds catchy though!

The final images leave the audience with a sense of forlornness and dread. The bats are a tad spooky, like something vile is coming to get you. Perhaps that is what you are involved in at the moment.....Covid-19 response--the panic, and despair. But since people are already feeling a sense of trepidation looking to the future, wrapping up on a hopeful note might thrust your audience out of the present bleakness and redirect their energies back yo what you have shared of your journey.

Thank you for inviting us to enter into your work with respectful critique. It is an aspect of public leadership that is uncommon in our increasingly hypersensitive culture, and is quite admirable!
Thank you for sharing a sneak-peak of your life too. It is has been full of accomplishment and adventure. Not everyone gets that. You are very blessed, Kris!
Cheers and many more sparkly returns as you sniff a story or build others up ;)

Dear Dr Rampersad,

Hello, Namaste, Assalaam Alaikum peace and blessings,

Thank you for sharing your amazing life achievements with us via this video, a treasure trove of information, dedication and ingenuity.

I loved your introduction, the title track 'Footloose and Free' by Oliver Chapman works perfectly.

I absolutely adored the images of your mother singing, cooking and enjoying quality time with your family. Precious! :)

The Awards ceremony at UNESCO and all the prestigious medals you have received should be uploaded in the video. Please do include those photographs and video clips too.

The narration is wonderful, however, the visuals need to be slowed somewhat, approximately 3-5 seconds so the audience can focus on what is being said this is mainly at the beginning of the video.

At approximately 2 minutes 40 the slides seem to slow down. :)

At around 3 minutes 28 the slides seem to speed up again.

As a viewer can I suggest and I would also appreciate if you could kindly increase the time of the transition slides at the beginning of the video. I have weak eyesight and the transitions were super fast.

I thought the cough at 4 minutes 52 seconds was thought provoking and I wanted to hear why you were coughing up phlegm.

Could you kindly increase the time of the slide at 5 minutes and 41 seconds. I couldn't read the text and would like to spend time learning what you have typed?

The information typed at the bottom of the screen for the heart surgeries were removed far too quickly. I liked the heart animations but do understand why some audience members might find them distracting.

Can you kindly explain the meaning of the aeroplane crashing?
I didn't understand that part of the video.

I didn't mind the bat animations either, is that a direct correlation to Wuhan and where Covid 19 may have begun? Just asking!

Love love love the music and your photograph in front of the Taj Mahal at the end.


I watched the video a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

You are an excellent orator and I hope to speak as eloquently as you one day.

Thank you Dr Rampersad for sharing your life from a personal perspective.

Take care and stay safe!
Love, peace and blessings

Apr 18
Apr 18

Dear Kris thank you for sharing your wonderful work. you have truly been around the globe working and making positive impact. the video is really wonderful and had messages of hope that we can key into