Kristine Yakhama
Posted March 13, 2021 from Kenya


A 79-Year-Old man from Kakamega's Murhanda location was early today arrested after he was literally caught pants down while defiling a school going child at a tea plantation in Liyenga village.

Elijah Andrea Esani was ambushed by a security officer at Itenyi Secondary School, whose walk home after a night shift was cut short by a scattered primary school uniform near the farm.

Drawing closer, he found the helpless 13-yr-old class six pupil struggling in the jaws of the paedo, and immediately raised alarm as he wrestled him down.

The old man was lucky to have the area assistant chief alert the police, just as irate members of the public were thronging the scene.

The minor has since been treated at a local health centre & in stable condition.


This story was submitted in response to #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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Mar 13
Mar 13

Oh my goodness! How awful.