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Musa Evelyn Kume
Posted May 13, 2021 from Nigeria

I’m currently running an afforestation program in my community here in the northern part of Nigeria for now, we’ll soon progress to other parts of the country and yonder by God’s grace . But our major problem here is the funding for our seedlings, nursery, sensitization program and also our community service program. If we can get through this stage even if it’s a gradual process, we’ll never know where we can get to. We ought to put all put hands on deck and start somewhere. If you can’t reach out in person, you can reach out by other means . Our planet is bleeding yet we call it home. Let’s save our planet. Let’s save our future.

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Jill Langhus
May 14
May 14

Hello Musa,

How are you? Your project, and vision sounds really good. Have you searched the offers on this "resource" page to see if there's anything to apply for? You could check back regularly, as Ana quite often posts "green" opps. Good luck, dear, and don't give up on your vision.