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About Me

I am an outspoken and empowered 29 year old Kenyan woman. I speak openly to everybody about issues affecting myself and women and the vulnerable in society.
This was me 11 years ago. Now I am headed to 40 this year, a mother of a 7 year old and a fully fledged career in media, journalism, PR, Project Management and an array of other skills.
Life is not stagnant and as long as we keep on the spirit, things happen beyond our wildest imaginations.
Life is to be savored in its all tastes, twists and turns!

My Vision

A free and equal society with opportunities everywhere


I have community projects in environmental, water and food sustainability & new media use in communities. Any partnership is appreciated


My expertise is in media-new and old, project management, community mobilization, training, PPP, Social media management, and strategy