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Training women with disabilities on dressmaking and tailoring
Training women with disabilities on dressmaking and tailoring (1/6)


My name is Jemimah Kutata, I identify as a woman with disability walking with aid of two elbow crutches and a caliper on my right leg. I come from a very humble background of marginalized maasai community in Kenya East Africa, where a girl child was not educated. Being a woman, disabled and coming from a marginalized community was a triple tragedy.

I had to start going to school late at age of 10 because the schools were far away and I could not access and this led me going to a boarding school at a very tender age. Despite of all the challenges I have always pursued life with ‘I can do attitude, and grew up dreaming of making a difference in other people lives especially the underrepresented and marginalized groups.

In 1990 I was the first woman with disability to fight genital mutilation in Kajiado county and our home was the rescue centre for girls with disabilities who could not run away for their dear lives. From there transforming lives became my passion and I am dedicated to motivational speaking and inspiring people to accept that whilst they may have what they may see as disadvantages, they should never give up.

My passion in changing lives lead me to volunteering at Bombolulu Workshops and cultural centre in 1998 to 1999 and in the year 2000 I was employed at the Association for the physically disabled of kenya, APDK and I have worked in different capacities. I started as a receptionist and secretary later I was promted to be the Executive offer personal assistant and in 2013 I was promoted to be the program coordinator of 72 groups of persons with disabilities in coast region. My work was to mobilize the groups and train them on business start ups and growth. And we empowered more than 5000 persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities in economic empowerment.

As I was doing my field work I realized rural remote areas (grassroot) Women without and with disabilities were facing more challenges than men and I realized many were illiterate and In 2005 we staI started a self-help group for women with disabilities mentoring girls and later in 2016 we registered Mona Disabled Women Community Based Organization advocating for inclusion in  education for girls and women with disabilities and I started volunteering in capacity building for them on their basic human rights.  I train women on their sex and reproductive health rights and gender based violence. During covid19 many girls and women with disabilities and without disability faced gender based violence and they did not have anywhere to run to they end up suffering in silence.

Advancing inclusion, policy and rights of the marginalized groups Is my passion and I started small groups mentoring girls, women and parents of children with disabilities on amplifying their voices and mentoring school girls on self-advocacy.

I am a disability mainstreaming trainer. I train institutions on how to handle persons with disabilities as per the disability act and UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Currently i am resource mobilizing for chidden with disabilities corrective surgeries from poor backgrounds.

i wish to see a peaceful barrier free society where all are treated equally.

looking forward to networking with women who are changing lives of girls and women in the world.


I am a champion of inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities in Kenya and in 2004 I received the Third Annual East Africa Philanthropy and Volunteering Award ‘Community Service Award’ in recognition to outstanding service in the community.

In 2016 through Christofelblinden mission of Germany we launched a book Inclusion count which at European parliament and participated in European week.

In 2016 Mobility international USA realized my grassroot work and invited me for a 3 weeks leadership training at Eurgene Oregon.

2018 Christofelblinden mission Kenya nominated me as a champion of Inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities in Kenya.

2019 I participated in women in leadership contest dubed ‘Ms. President’ a Television reality show.

All my awards are not cash attached.


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Dawn Arteaga
Jan 03
Jan 03

Welcome to World Pulse Jemimah - it is clear you are in the right place! Congratulations on all your honors. To meet other women sharing powerful stories about disability justice, click here: https://www.worldpulse.com/raise-your-voice/disability-justice

You are in good company here on World Pulse!

Jan 04
Jan 04

Thank you very much indeed. I am humbled and need more guidance on technology to post more stories. Cheers!

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 04
Jan 04

Dear Jemimah,
A big welcome to World Pulse. What a moving story, to know that early on your home was a safe haven for women and girls to escape violence, and that in 1990 you were the first woman with a disability to fight genital mutilation. "And we empowered more than 5000 persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities in economic empowerment". Your whole story shows what an amazing and strong woman you are. Here with us all, I hope you have a great time exploring and making connections. We are here to bring forward the world we know is possible. You have long been making this happen.
Wonderful to see the great photo of you. For some reason I am not able to see the first 2 of the other 6 images, only the descriptions.

Jan 05
Jan 05

Thank you for sharing. The work you are doing is really meaningful. I can feel how strong you are and your passion. We really need to do more on inclusion and diversity. Young girls need sex and reproduction education for their health and protect themselves.
Please keep the great work on!
May Almighty God bless you and all disabled girls in the world!

Grace Iliya
Jan 10
Jan 10

Hello Jemimah,
Welcome to World Pulse and congratulations on your first very isnpiring story. Thank you for doing such a wonderful work impacting many. Keep up the good work.

Much Love