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About Me

NGEIJUNG PRISCA KUWONG is a Cameroonian, born and raised in Cameroon. She is the 15th child of her father’s 26 children and the 2nd child of her mother’s 7 children. She grew up with her elder brother who sponsored her till she had a bachelor degree in 2009 and assisted her with a few courses in her studies of becoming a Chartered Accountant with (ACCA).
Growing up has not been easy for me as well as my siblings.this is the case with almost every family in Cameroon. It is my vision to see that Cameroonians who have the privilege of going to school are properly oriented to focus on a career\profession.
Lack of education, career/professionalism and self-empowerment has led to the frustration of young Cameroonians/Africans and increasing amount of families who are losing their children to the street life of drugs, pick-pocketing and burglary, and all other sorts of societal nuisance.
My struggles and that of others let to the birth of MY AFRICA MON AVENIR.

My Vision

To educate, motivate and empower the next generation of Africa to believe in themselves and bring the change they are seeking for.


Motivational speaker skills to motivate the youth think positive.
partners to support offer free education to IDPs students


i can offer my services in motivational speaking , career consultancy , book keeping to assist those who need my assistant at any time.


Education Equality