Nigerian Women Voices Matters-Monthly Roundtable FB Live Discussion

Lady_ D
Posted September 17, 2021 from Nigeria

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Who Are We? 

We are a  movement of women leading community outreaches across Nigeria.

What Do We Do?

 We are networkers and real-time partners offering support, leadership, and character-building workshops to improve self-confidence in women as  community changers. 

A competent and confident leading woman can strengthen other women successfully, and also teach them  how to thrive by standing on bridge-building principles.


Request  your Free link to join the live discussion Saturday, October.16th, 2021 "Live" in FB  Rooms



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Jill Langhus
Sep 20
Sep 20

Hi Lady D,

Thanks for sharing your event. Hope you get a good turn out. Looking forward to hearing about how it goes:-)

Beth Lacey
Sep 21
Sep 21

I would also be interested to hear how it goes.