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About Me

I am a Network marketer. been in industry 20 yrs.During these yrs i have why developing countries don't can't afoord the joiniong fees.

Having seen this, i created a system which allows people to join these companies through Africa Network Empowerment' product i decided to call the Porsperity Booster. With this product one can join a network company with a joining fee of US$350 at only US$15 and then work hard to fill the Matrx board, of which i know Africans to be very capable of. The prosperity comes as soon as the members of the matrix follw you to the Matrix of the International company,when the pay off start to come. WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT fINANCE, as of right now i am failing to complete the website becaus e the company quoted me Almost US$6000 and i need finance to advertise and launching venue for the launch of the product Network Marketing, trainning and presentations in serminars and

My Vision

to lauch my 2nd product, Africa tourism booster to boost the African tourist resourts, with the objective to erudicate poverty in Africa


Airport in awareness of the product and also private partnership with an investor with the same passion


I have the ability to lead women. I'm the Vice president of the board of Agro tourism, vice sec of Zimbabwe Coalition of Women in Agricultur


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