What I understood about energy healing.

Posted March 12, 2020 from India

Happy Birthday Blessed Quan Yin! 

Quan Yin is the goddess of compassion, mercy and forgiveness. Its her birthday today. She lived on earth, like Budha and her service to mankind is mercy and healing. Magnified healing the practice she shared.

Magnified healing is an energy healing modality that I stated learning exactly a month ago. Since then I have connected with myself intimately and have been healing myself each day. 

 I am so afraid of sounding like a religious nut or a badly portrayed in the media- crazy witch. 

These are some things I have understood since I started the Magnified Healing practice: 

I learnt that I am a wounded healer archetype; but, how can a person with open wounds heal others sustainably? 

I don't mean to sound gross but try and imagine a few open wounds that were never treated properly so it was closed over the years and it was rotting inside all this while, giving me various other physical and mental illnesses over the years. On top of that Imagine what it would be like if I wanted to heal and fix every other person that crossed my path, while letting my wounds rot. Every time I tried to fix the other person, without really knowing how to by simply taking it on myself, further burdening myself I let rotten blood drip everywhere I went. 

Sometimes I was unable to differentiate between my own pain, and others’s pain I received. Apparently empaths can do that! Everyone has a subtle energy field surrounding their body, a subtle radiant light that penetrates and extends, these fields communicate emotions, I always picked up all of these intense sensations and literally tried to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.  

Like most people I got stuck in repeating the issues of the past. For the wounds of the past to be healed it has to be acknowledged, found, opened and healed from the metaphysical direction, and it has to be let go

Chakras: wheels of energy that predominantly deal with energy flow in the body that are focused areas of high, expansive energy. There are about 114 total through the body and 7 main chakras distributed throughout the spine which are plexus of neurons.

Everything is energy, quantum physics says that. We like to think of space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact there is nothing to matter when you look at it at a subatomic level, most of what is contained within an atom for example is 99.9% space. It is mostly unsubstantial. Everything connects via magnetic energy and is electrical energy.All matter is held together via energetic bonds and consist of these atoms, of which most is space. The movement of energy is vital to life. When we think, breathe, function or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurons and nerve pathways. 

Just like doctors are taught about illness, and surgeons are taught about surgery, the chakra system is what runs our health below that level.

When emotions are unresolved they get stored in our chakra system, I imagine inflamed neurons. There is really only one method of healing as a result of that, and that's to deal with the emotional condition, as a reaction of events, which created the health issue in the first place. 

Psychics can find the original event that caused illness and the emotional reasons that create thoughts, which repeat over months to years, that make people sick. Energy healers do the same, but they don't always locate the emotional event that caused the health issue, they just work with the energetic blocks (I picture that I sense blocks due to inflamed neurons) that came up, as a result of said event, and the emotions that formed those energy blocks.

I believe it's karmic and soul contract based, in terms of why we go through certain events which cause an emotional reaction, and in turn health issues in the chakras system. Many things in life are planned.

This is what I have understood with the presence of Quan Yin in my life. I am working on healing myself right now and studying this. I am very excited to see what my own practice will look like as I understand this further. I see myself working on being able to find/locate the emotional reason behind a certain illness or the childhood (perhaps even the past life) trauma behind something that people are going through and healing that. 

Some other words, concepts and practices that I have been trying and want to understand better going forward are: Witchcraft, alchemy, how crystals work, the chakra system, Akashik records, past life regression, mainstream approaches to mental health, use of psychedelics, yoga and possibly shamanism. 

Some sources of my information other than my own experience: 


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Mar 12
Mar 12

I firmly believe in the mind/body connection too. Keep up your learning and journeying!

Usha K.C.
Mar 13
Mar 13

Dear Lakshmi
I found your post very interesting. I also believe in healing energy. Do what you believe on.
keep sharing and keep inspiring.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 14
Mar 14

Dear Sis
Thank you very much. I am also completed Master degree in healing energy of Reiki. Therefore, it works well in my experience. Very good news you have shared

Vidya Rajagopalan
Mar 15
Mar 15

This post makes me believe in energy healing, I hope I explore it one day

Kirthi Jayakumar
Mar 15
Mar 15

Thank you for articulating your beautiful experiences, Lakshmi! I am a practitioner too and found myself relating to EVERYTHING you shared <3 Happy Birthday Quan Yin, indeed!

Sowmya Swaminathan
Mar 17
Mar 17

Thank you, Lakshmi, for writing about something that you believe in. Yes, many people may not believe in everything you've written here (myself included!), but it takes a certain kind of courage to express what you truly believe in. So, thank you. <3

2020 has been nice to me, and I'm beginning to venture back into spirituality. I may not believe in crystals or astrology, but I do believe in the power of energy and its impact on us. Physics taught us: "Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, but can only be transferred or changed from one form to the other."

I fully believe in this, and I find myself intentionally creating avenues for positive energy to exist (even if temporarily!).

Your passion for healing is inspiring, and I hope you learn and grow as a healer! <3

Mar 17
Mar 17

Thank you, Lakshmi for sharing.

Mar 22
Mar 22

Hi Lakshmi,
Thank you for sharing this to us. I also heard from other people that by doing yoga you can have a healing energy, i hope one day i can try for myself. You have the same name of my daughter but her "Lakshmi" we put in the second name :-)

Take care!

Rahmana Karuna
Mar 23
Mar 23

inspiring Lakshmi!
please do keep sharing your learning. those of us who have taken this path for decades know what you speak of. Having my RN license before even hearing the word midwife, i went all the way through graduate school, knowing afterwards i would study the real healing methods and i have. and have mostly unlearned the useless Corporate industrialized medical illness perpetuating system, as i refer to it. Body work helps a lot too. Arvigotherapy I am certified in and in many folks releases cellular memories through dreams or daytime remembering. Shamans were the original doctors, and the whole village would gather around and hold the intention of the healing purpose, all knowing that the energy is significantly enhanced with the peoples intentional focus. ahhhhhhhh, sadly this knowledge has been beaten out of us for 2000 years. but it is coming back. There are shamanic professional organizations of licensed clinicians now for several decades in usa anyways. and Tribal hospitals allow the "medicine" people to also attend those who wish to be.
May Quan Yin spread her lovely arms and embrace off of humanities sorrows with tenderness and love and may we all feel her.

anita shrestha
Mar 31
Mar 31

Thank you for sharing