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About Me

I am a recent college undergraduate looking for both a job and an opportunity to support both global and social change. I have always had many international friends and love learning about different cultures. In my friend group I am the listener and the advice giver. I love running more than anything, it makes me less stressed. I want people to embrace their culture, but I also want people to have an open mind. I think that the world needs to be a less judgmental place in certain aspects, and it needs to be more willing to accept.

My Vision

I do not know where I want my life to take me yet, I doubt any of us do. However, like anyone else I want a happy bright future, and I would like to extend the privileges that I have known to people who have less than me. I want to try my best to learn about everything I can, because knowledge is the power to change the world. The world needs more knowledge. More knowledge of culture, social challenges in the world, people's views on these challenges. I think learning about people who are different than you is key to a brighter, more open-minded future.


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