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Lara Chudoba
Posted June 10, 2019

Im so sick of everything going on. My life feels like a ferris wheel. One day im doing so well and my life is great, the next it feels like nothing will ever get better. Im the type of person that will sacrifce everything and anything for someone, and its painful because they wont do anything for me. I lut so much work into relationships, and sadly the truth is that when you care too much, it bites you in the back and breaks you. Im told to keep my head up and focus on the good things, BUT WHAT IF I DONT WANT TO?! Im lowkey done with this, i dont want to deal with it. I need to surround myself in a better environment and stop letting these things define me. Anyone relate? I feel ya if you do. 

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Jun 10
Jun 10

Hi dear,
Welcome to world pulse. Sorry you feel this way on your first post. Its true all hurts and I feel your pain too. You are never alone and thanks for speaking out.
Hope you are doing great? Take care and warm regards.

Hello, Lara,

Welcome to World Pulse. This is the best place to process what we are going through, to ask questions about life, and to support other women. This is your safe online space.

You asked if anyone can relate. I’m raising my hands to say I do: giving your all and you feel you are still not valued or your effort is not reciprocated. I think a lot of women are in this state. This is why it is important that we cultivate self-love and self-care. Before we love someone, we must show love to ourselves first. It took me years to understand this concept because I thought it is selfish. But really, we can only give what we have. Then we learn to set boundaries so people will not abuse us or we feel like we’re being used for someone’s gain.

On your question what if you don’t want to accept the advice given to you. Take time to process the hurt, anger, confusion, betrayal, etc. Allow yourself to mourn and you can take your time. That is being kind to yourself. When you’ve processed everything and decided what’s good for you, you can begin again. But as of now, it’s ok not to feel ok, dear. Mourn the loss of relationships who didn’t value you. Forgive when you are ready.

Thank you for sharing your story. Please keep writing. It is therapeutic. I hope you can also find healing as you share your journey with us here.

Jill Langhus
Jun 11
Jun 11

Hi Lara,

Welcome to World Pulse, dear! You are in good, safe hands here, dear. It looks like Karen and Lisbeth have already given you a very hearty, warm welcome. Please let us know how we can help. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you and learning what you're passionate about. I hope you feel better soon!

Nusrat Ara
Jun 12
Jun 12

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care of yourself and let go of all the negative feelings. That will definitely help.

Beth Lacey
Jun 28
Jun 28

Lara, I hope you find a way forward. We are here for you.

Jul 11
Jul 11

Sorry about what you are going through. All of us go through such at times. This is the right platform. Occupy yourself with doing what takes your mind to positivity. Get busy. It will be well. The network of women you created here can be a source of healing too