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About Me

I am passionate about opening doors and empowering women through sport in South Africa.
There is such a huge need in South Africa to develop sport amongst girls. Statistically only 11% of girls in SA are playing sport.
I am the founding member of WISEUPSA that have a program that focusses on a program including lifeskills, sport and e-learning.

Our long term goal is to identify youngsters at an early age and keep them in our system. We will track their progress and development and provide coaching and ensure academic standards are maintained from primary to tertiary levels.
We will nurture the abundance of talent that otherwise would be bypassed due mainly to limited access to facilities.

I am also very driven to change the support of government and media of female sport as it currently receives minimal exposure, funding and support
Sport for women Limit funding and exposure Systems and organistaion

My Vision

Professional sportswomen in South Africa from all walks of life