Lessons from Neem Flowers

Lavina Cardoza
Posted June 12, 2019 from India

I was standing outside my house pondering about something. There was a neem tree and the ground was filled with its flowers, cream in color, small but bright hundreds  of them covered the floor like a beautiful carpet. When wind blew, the flowers were swept away. Then they would settle in a new place for a while until another strong wind carried them away.


The flowers had no worries. They looked happy as were floating by continuously. What is that so different from me and those flowers? I had a strong stand. I had planned everything and want everything to go according to that plan. If anything goes wrong, I would get upset.


But those flowers have no plans. Wind decides where they should be. They do not settle down in one place. They do not get attached to things around, as they have to be continuously on the move. They know they were in a place temporarily and they have to move soon. Maybe they were always expecting a wind. They had no say in choosing the place or time.


Was there a revolution among the flowers to stop the wind? Hardly. They were moving around without a resistance.


Is this a better approach to human life too?

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Corine Milano
Jun 12
Jun 12

Such a beautiful sentiment. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Jun 13
Jun 13

Honestly you kept a smile on my face with this interpretative flower story :-). It was vivid! Thanks for sharing and i am Looking for to reading more stories.

Urmila Chanam
Jun 13
Jun 13

Dearest Lavina,
I am so touched by your incredible story and am reminded again of how our creator has given us so many things living and non living to teach us lessons with if only we have the time and honesty to see them around us. Keep writing and keep sharing.
Much love and prayers
Urmila Chanam

Jill Langhus
Jun 13
Jun 13

Hi Lavina,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) What a great reminder and message to live more in the flow. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely post. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you and finding out what you're passionate about. Hope you're having a great day!

Hannah B
Jun 13
Jun 13

Hello Lavina,
Thank you for sharing these thoughts - I appreciate your musings! So often we pin our happiness on having the "correct" outcome, instead of finding our happiness within and "going with the flow". Welcome to World Pulse!

Hello, Lavina,

What an inspiring first story! Your reflection put a smile on my face. We do learn a lot when we allow nature to teach us a thing or two. It's important to trust the process. Like flowers, we all have our own time to blossom.

Welcome to World Pulse!

leila Kigha
Jul 11
Jul 11

thank you for sharing with us.
such a powerful reflection.

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