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Indigenous Women: Changemakers!

What I'm Leading

Implementing the “Indigenous Women: Changemakers!” Project and achieving access to alternative education and skills training for indigenous women. We will enhance the leadership capacity and sense of identity for indigenous women and create awareness among the general public about indigenous peoples and issues. We will build the capacity of indigenous women in social enterprise and establish functional social enterprise activities implemented by indigenous women. We will enhance management skills of Hagiyo leaders to meet the needs of the organization and build partners and network with other organizations. We will ensure indigenous women are educated, empowered and are raising their voices to be heard not only in their community but globally.

Who I'm Impacting

Indigenous peoples, particularly women, helping in creating opportunities for them to be empowered and become changemakers.

How to Get Involved


About Me

I am an aspiring changemaker. Stephen Covey sums it best, "to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy." I want to make a difference in this world.I am passionate about changing the narrative for indigenous peoples, I want to create opportunities that enables them to have better lives and become world changers. That is why I set up an organization focusing on indigenous peoples. Though we are still looking for funding, I believe that people will be able to catch the vision I have and do something about it.

My Vision

I envision a society where indigenous peoples are world changers.


My work could be supported through linkages/networking, exchanges, mentorship, funding and by advocating for indigenous peoples.


I am a communications person and have startup an organization for indigenous peoples.


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