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End Breast Ironing With Me

What I'm Leading

I am leading a campaign to end the horrendous practice of breast ironing in Cameroon and Sierra Leone.We visit young girls of breast developing  age in schools and talk to them about the importance and beauty of their breasts. We make them excited about their new breasts by gifting them little bras.We courage them to use bras to hold their budding breasts firm and to say No to Breast Ironing!We also  visit women in poor and vulnerable communities and provide them with sensitization and free screening to breast related diseases as a means of succor to those whose breasts have been negatively affected by the practice.

Who I'm Impacting

Thousands of young girls and women in Cameroon and Sierra Leone.


About Me

I am an international Gender Consultant/Development practitioner. I love and know how to help women transform their bleak stories into visions that transform communities. I am also a once upon a time multi-award winning journalist who has been transformed by her stories into crusader against breast ironing.

My Vision

To affect the lives of women worldwide,through a form of leadership that puts the interest of the suffering masses first


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