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Lena Karunamaya
Posted March 4, 2011 from United States

Commitment to one’s vision takes great courage, faith and tenacity. Visions are the awakenings of one’s soul and the energy of God. Intuitions and dreams contain the magic necessary to ignite the passion to be different from the person we have settled to be. Conditioning from cultures, countries, families or governments cannot control the destiny of a woman who dares to be authentic and a leader of people.

The voice of a woman penetrates the deep waters of the oceans and the tides of the moons. Let the waters of determination and peace wash away the debris of oppression and patriarchal powers. Create waves of feminist action. Alter the scripts of gender roles given to us upon birth for they are erroneous and detrimental to the growth of one’s soul. The vision of a woman has the power to ignite a new paradigm for all of humanity. Trust the process of change. Evolution must happen for women to breathe and thrive on the planet. Our feminist visions are necessary and of great importance. Let your visions lead you into the life you desire. Make a difference with heart, your imprint of DNA.

The children yet to be born need you. Grow strong and resilient. Plant the seed of peace. The great tree of enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, India continues to live long after Buddha’s physical death. Meditate on the tree of life. Quiet the mind and you will know which direction to take. Work with others for no vision can be birthed alone. Call upon the visionary midwives to heal and purify the present state of governmental affairs and the men with buried tears. Midwives know the wisdom of the sacred and the canal of birth.

Future generations will be the tillers of the new soil of forgiveness and reconciliation. The conflicts of the past will become the compost for new treaties, resolutions and laws honoring the wombs of all women and the children of man. New governments, institutions and educational systems must be created for humanity to evolve as a species of consciousness and thought.

Visions are the whispers of God, the divinity of the cosmos, earth and sky. The consciousness of visions can change the world when one has commitment, integrity and faith. Transformation is the wave of the future and the energy of peace.

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Mar 06, 2011
Mar 06, 2011

Dear Lena,

It is really grateful for me to read this piece of writing. Actually, my team is working on one project and the project really need hight commitment, trust and encouragement to keep our work progress. I will share it with my friends so that they can be inspired just like me.

Thanks for you encouragement and your sharing. It is a good gift everyone woman for March 8, 2011.