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Learn skills and stop begging

Posted February 11, 2018 from India
Expired on April 12, 2018
Stop Begging and Start working for Better Life!

I am looking for funding for people who are begging on road, do not have skill, illiterate and lazy. For them it is important to learn skill to earn even though the are uneducated but they are human and ever human being has basic need for living. So why to beg if a person can earn. We just need to train skills. Hands join to help and provide people work and skill to earn so they have food, shelter and living a good and healthy life.

I am willing to travel across globe and willing to speak on issues related to begging and skill growth among mankind but need funding and sponsorship take this cause to global level. Take one step towards future and future will provide you enormous amount of opportunityto succeed in life. Never loose hope and always ready to do something great for human kind.

I hope my message has correctly put across. Lookingforward for support and feedback to improve my message across community.

Get Involved

Funding, Generating awareness through social media, creating a community to support this cause and promoting this issue across globe through your network connection. Publishing article writing blog, creating workshop, reaching out grass root people to make them understand our concern.

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