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About Me

Iam a 36 year old mother to an arthrogrypotic child who is 6 years. Am a lawyer by profession and currently work for Ombudsman in Botswana since November 2008. Have been working as an attorney for disdavantaged women and children from 2001-2006 providing free legal services and court representation to them. Was legal advisor for disadvantaged group 2006-2008 November offering free legal services in a human rights organization but above all I have had my own share of challenges as a single mother of a child living with multiple disabilities in an african context and these are the real life stories I would like to share with the group. I look foward to being a member. Advocating for the rights of the disadvantaged and domestic violence survivors having my son accepted as part of the community,discrimination surrounding the world human rights , gender based violence, disabilty

My Vision

A society that is compassionate and non discriminatory