The Girl Who Wore Red on Her Grandma's Funeral (5)

Posted March 6, 2015 from Philippines
A docufiction
Photo by libudsuroy. Creative Commons.

Last of a five-part series

Eventually, in October last year, I made a digital story version of The Girlfor the massive online open course (MOOC), "Powerful Tools forTeaching and Learning :Digital Storytelling,." that was offered at Coursera.

Previously, Ihad the opportunity to learn the basics of digital storytelling as a World Pulse Voice of Our Future correspondent in 2013.

The multi-media version evolved into some kind of docufiction, even as it does not have cinematic (video) component, as it tries to portray prevailing conditions in my country even as it has some imagined portions.

There are many technical imperfections in the digital story! I wished I could improve the soundtrack as the pace of the voice-over narration is so uneven. I wished I could have edited and refined the quality of the photos. I felt so clumsy with the technology being a digital immigrant, redeemed only by my curiosity and persistence. Someday soon, I will, when I will find the master copy which I have misplaced!

I still have not given up the possibility of meeting Maria again. But that's another story.

Here, I pushed the narrative beyond the photographic scenes I had captured years ago, further exploring how the girl and her family could have dealt with the traumatic grief of losing suddenly a loved one, the grief of experiencing the first death in the family, and a violent one at that. Somehow, it attempts to surface the necessity of supporting survivors, especially children and youth,confrontingforms of violence associated with militarization, among those bravehuman rights defendersat the frontlines ofresistance in my country.

To view the digital story, please click here: THE GIRL WHO WORE RED ON HER GRANDMOTHER'S FUNERAL

My thanks to the Maypole Fund from Women to Womenfor enabling me todevelop the conceptof thestory.

P.S. And oh-my, I still could not include the sheep.

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Terry Mullins
Mar 12, 2015
Mar 12, 2015

Hello Libudsuroy! I have not read the previous 4 parts of this series but wanted to comment on this part 5. I watched your video "The Girl Who Wore Red on Her Grandmother's Funeral". It was done very well and was very moving. I am glad to know Maria was able to talk to a therapist and I was especially touched by the last drawing...Maria with her red hair, her grandmother's red scarf. Thank you for sharing this story and I hope someday you do get to meet Maria again. Good luck on your future digital are on the right track!

Apr 30, 2015
Apr 30, 2015

Hi, Terry, thanks for commenting on my post. I am sorry for this delayed response. I am quite happy to let you know that a sequel to this story already in the offing. Some visual artists have offered to help me improve the technical aspects of the storytelling.Some new data about extrajudicial killlings in my country have also been released.